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KEF Q950 Review: Unleash True Audiophile Bliss

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Have you ever heard your favorite music played through a terrible speaker system? Maybe those speakers didn’t give you that booming bass you love or put out a scratchy, distorted sound at higher volumes.

Bad speakers can ruin an otherwise immersive and comfortable audio experience. And if you’re looking for powerful floorstanding speakers that will truly bring your music to life in a way you haven’t heard before, the KEF Q950 speakers are a great choice. But are they the right choice for you?

In this review of the KEF Q950s, we’ll be walking you through all the nitty-gritty details. We’ll tell you about design, specs, performance, price and everything else you should be thinking about to decide for yourself whether these are the right speakers for you.


As of this writing, the KEF Q950 falls is listed for around $1,100 each on Amazon. This puts it in the mid-high range category among floorstanding speakers and makes it one of the more expensive options among our top 10 list of best floorstanding speakers. Though this speaker is quite an investment, as we’ll see, it’s got a lot going for it, which explains why seasoned audiophiles often see it as worthwhile. So if this speaker is still remotely in your budget at this price, let’s talk design.

Design and build

A speaker’s design and build quality are crucial factors that impact not only its aesthetics but also its performance. Let’s dive into what makes the KEF Q950 stand out:

Aesthetic features and available finishes

The Q950 sports a modern design that should fit beautifully into any room. It comes in two stylish finishes: black and white. So you should have no trouble finding the perfect match for your living space.

Dimensions and placement considerations

Measuring 44.1 inches tall, 8.1 inches wide, and 13.9 inches deep, the Q950 is slim enough that it doesn’t have to dominate your space—unless you want it to. 

While some speakers have a rear-firing bass port, the Q950 has a front-firing one, so you won’t need to worry about leaving space between the speakers and the wall. Experiment with angling the speakers slightly inward toward your listening position for optimal imaging.

Build quality and materials used

KEF is generally known for its high-quality materials and construction. And the Q950 lives up to that reputation. The cabinet is made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard), which helps reduce unwanted resonances and vibrations, ensuring clean and clear audio. The Uni-Q driver array is a unique KEF technology that places the tweeter at the center of the midrange and bass cone, providing a more even and consistent sound dispersion.

Technical specifications

Now that we’ve covered the design, let’s get into the technical specifications that make the KEF Q950 such an impressive performer:

Power handling and impedance

The Q950 has a power handling of 200 watts and an impedance of 8 ohms, which makes it compatible with most amplifiers and AV receivers. Its easy-to-drive nature ensures great performance even with lower power outputs.

Frequency response and sensitivity

Boasting a frequency response of 38 Hz to 28 kHz, the Q950 delivers exceptional audio quality across the entire frequency range. With a sensitivity rating of 91 dB, these speakers can produce a decent volume level with a moderate amount of power.

Crossover design and components

The Q950’s crossover plays a crucial role in directing the appropriate frequencies to each driver, ensuring a balanced and accurate sound reproduction. KEF has designed this crossover using quality components to contribute to the speaker’s strong audio performance.

Recommended amplifier pairing

To get the best performance and longevity from your Q950 speakers, look for an amplifier with a power output of around 40 to 200 watts per channel at 8 ohms. This will ensure a perfect match with the speakers’ specifications.

Sound quality

When it comes to sound quality, the KEF Q950 is a true standout. Let’s explore its performance in various aspects:

Soundstage and imaging

One of the strongest characteristics of the Q950 is its ability to create a wide and immersive soundstage. The unique Uni-Q driver array contributes to this by ensuring a consistent and even sound dispersion. The result is an incredible sense of space and accurate imaging that brings your music and movies to life.

Bass performance

The Q950’s bass performance is pretty impressive. Thanks to the front-firing bass port and dual 8-inch low-frequency drivers, these speakers can reproduce deep, tight, and controlled bass without distortion. You’ll be able to feel the rumble in your chest during action-packed movies and enjoy the fullness of your favorite music tracks.

Midrange and treble clarity

The KEF Q950 excels in the midrange and treble frequencies, delivering clear and detailed vocals and instrumentals. The Uni-Q driver array ensures that high-frequency sounds are crisp and smooth, without any harshness or hissing. This speaker’s midrange performance is especially impressive, providing a natural and lifelike reproduction of vocals and acoustic instruments.

Ideal usage scenarios

The KEF Q950 floorstanding speakers are a great choice for a variety of listening scenarios:

  • Home theater setups: With their excellent bass performance and wide soundstage, the Q950 speakers can bring movies and TV shows to life with immersive sound.
  • Music listening rooms: The Q950’s neutral and transparent sound signature makes them suitable for music enthusiasts who appreciate an accurate and honest reproduction of their favorite tracks.
  • Large living spaces: The KEF Q950 speakers can fill even large living spaces with powerful and detailed sound, making them a solid choice for those who want to enhance their home audio experience.
  • Audiophile setups: The Q950’s unique Uni-Q driver array and high-quality components make them a strong option for audiophiles who value precision and detail in their listening experience.

Comparison with competing floorstanding speakers

To give you a basis for comparison, let’s see how the KEF Q950 stacks up against similar competing models:

Focal Chora 826

The Focal Chora 826 speakers, priced at around $1,400 per pair, are less expensive than the KEF Q950. The Chora 826 features Focal’s Slatefiber cone technology, which aims to deliver a dynamic and controlled sound.

While both the KEF Q950 and Focal Chora 826 offer excellent bass performance and wide soundstages, the Q950 might give you a more neutral and transparent sound signature compared to the slightly more energetic and forward sound signature of the Chora 826. On the other hand, the Chora 826 may have a more lively and engaging presentation.

Wharfedale Diamond 12.3

The Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 speakers, priced at around $1100-1,300, are a slightly more expensive option compared to the KEF Q950. These speakers incorporate Wharfedale’s Kevlar cone technology for dynamic and precise audio reproduction.

When comparing the KEF Q950 and Wharfedale Diamond 12.3, both speakers boast excellent bass performance and broad soundstages. But the Q950 leans towards a more neutral and transparent audio signature, while the Diamond 12.3 offers a warmer and more natural midrange. Consequently, the Diamond 12.3 can provide a more laid-back and soothing listening experience (related: Wharfedale Diamond 12.3: An In-Depth Review).

MartinLogan Motion 40

The MartinLogan Motion 40 speakers, priced at around $1,400 per pair, are less expensive than the KEF Q950. The Motion 40 speakers are known for their electrostatic Folded Motion tweeters, which provide a detailed and smooth high-frequency response.

While both speakers deliver detailed and engaging sound, the Q950 may have a more neutral and balanced tonality, while the Motion 40 might be more appealing to those who prefer greater detail and transparency in the treble frequencies. Additionally, the Q950’s Uni-Q driver technology could offer a more cohesive and focused soundstage.

Pros and cons of the KEF Q950 speakers

At this point along our KEF Q950 review, a summary of this speaker’s main pros and cons should help you in your buying decision:


  • Neutral and transparent sound signature: The KEF Q950 delivers a well-balanced and honest sound that can reproduce a wide variety of music genres with great accuracy.
  • Uni-Q driver array: KEF’s unique driver technology provides a more even and consistent sound dispersion, leading to a cohesive and focused soundstage.
  • Excellent bass performance: With its dedicated bass drivers, the Q950 can produce deep and powerful bass without sacrificing detail in the mids and highs.


  • Slightly more expensive than some competitors: At $1,100 each, the KEF Q950 may not be the most budget-friendly option for those looking to purchase floorstanding speakers.
  • Requires careful placement: To fully experience the benefits of the Uni-Q driver array, the Q950 may need more precise positioning in your room compared to other speakers.
  • Might be too neutral for some listeners: The Q950’s neutral sound signature may not be ideal for those who prefer a warmer or more laid-back presentation.

The bottom line: Is the KEF Q950 the right speaker for you?

When it comes to enhancing your listening experience, the KEF Q950 offers an exceptional combination of performance, design, and build quality. As a listener, you’ll appreciate the immersive soundstage, deep bass, and remarkable clarity across all frequencies, whether you’re an audiophile or just someone who enjoys great sound.

Although there are more budget-friendly alternatives like the Wharfedale Diamond 12.3, the KEF Q950’s top-notch performance makes it well worth the higher price tag. So, if you’re in the market for a high-quality floorstanding speaker that excels across various frequencies and you’re willing to invest in it, the KEF Q950 definitely deserves a spot at the top of your consideration list.

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